Liberty Technology Park Cluj is a project developed by Fribourg Development, the Real Estate Division of Fribourg Capital owned by the businessman Ion Sturza.

The technological park Liberty Technology Park Cluj is situated on a generous surface, more than 45,000 square meters, close to the city center of Cluj-Napoca, strategically placed in an uncrowded area of the city, with excellent accessibility to public transportation facilities. The first two phases of the project seek the ingenious reconversion of the former Libertatea furniture factory and require an initial investment of 20 million euros.

Designed on the site of the former furniture factory Libertatea, Liberty Technology Park Cluj reinvents its identity by reinterpreting the industrial heritage and transforming it in an environment designed to fulfill the needs of a company from the IT&C and R&D industries. Architecturally the development follows the reconversion of the existing spaces into a technological park that will reflect the energy of the tech companies driven by the human potential that Cluj-Napoca has to offer.

Liberty Technology Park Cluj is the first technological park in Romania, a concept designed to
connect companies and people from similar domains in an interdisciplinary approach that will
generate innovation and progress in the IT&C and R&D industries. The intention of such a project is to promote economic development and competition amongst neighboring regions and cities by creating new jobs based on contemporary technologies while boosting in the same time standards of the working environment and the life of the employees.

Liberty Technology Park Cluj announces its chief contractor, chosen after a thorough selection and a project auction: CON-A. CON-A is a group of firms with a full Romanian capital, private, founded in march 1990. At the present time, CON-A is the most important constructor from Sibiu and of the first in Romania. The firm’s portfolio includes Cluj Arena alongside the Ramada Hotel in Sibiu and the Center of Business Sibiu.

The developments for the first phase will begin on the 8th of May. This phase will be delivered at the end of the 4th trimester of this year and it implies the reconversion of the existing buildings in office spaces, class A, BOMA, a coffee shop and a restaurant offering a total of 8772 sq m. In this phase the green areas will also be restored. The first tenants will also enjoy our events & conference rooms, a fitness gym, multifunctional sport terrains, parking lots, bike racks and playgrounds, all at a small distance from the city center and its main objectives. Alongside office spaces, Liberty Technology Park Cluj also offers the complete range of services and facilities but also the first business accelerator in Romania.

The sales campaign has begun in February and is at the present moment in full swing, the proprietors are carrying negotiations with major multinational companies. The second phase of the project responds to the market’s demands with its large spaces, over 2600 sq m per floor. The investors estimate that the first tenants will move in at the beginning of 2014. Liberty Technology Park Cluj is situated near the International Airport and close to the City Center, offering a location fit for any kind of activity.

Liberty Technology Park Cluj’s services and facilities are addressed to companies from the IT&C and R&D industries, both locally and internationally. It’s infrastructure also responds to the DNA of Cluj-Napoca by concentrating its efforts on developing new technologies and fostering inspiring people.

Built in the second most important university center in Romania, Liberty Technology Park Cluj is an essential element for the academic environment and also for the human resources potential that this city has to offer. Every year more than 400 young people enter the work fields in IT. Most of them are graduates of the Mathematics Faculty at Babeş-Bolyai University and Automatics and Computers from the Technical University.

The final project consists of 8 distinct buildings that will be finished in 3 phases offering a high quality habitat suitable for the flexible arrangement of high profile offices but also for creating a productive workplace. Liberty Technology Park Cluj will receive its certifications for building a 100% green environment and is at the present moment a Platinum Member of the Romanian Green Building Council.

The park will integrate a total amount of 13 239 sq m consisting of large green garden like areas, sport facilities that occupy a total of 405 sq m and a total amount of 7 096 sq m destined for creating parking lots. The environment created will be completed esthetically by a lake occupying 695 sq. The project’s calendar extends on 3 years. The 1st phase implies the reconversion of the existing buildings B and C and will be delivered at the end of the 4th trimester of 2013 offering a total of 8 772 sq m destined for building office spaces, a restaurant and a coffee shop, a fitness gym, the harnessing of the green areas surrounding the buildings, 565 parking spaces and bicycle racks, a lake and multifunctional sport terrains. The 2nd phase of the project will be delivered by the second semester of the year 2014. The buildings D & E will offer a total amount of 13 412 sq m consisting of office spaces, class A BOMA and a retail area.

Liberty Technology Park Cluj is one of the most important projects developed by Fribpurg Development, the investment fund owned by the business man Ion Sturza. The park is one of the most important projects financed by Ion Sturza alongside the online library, a business that had a turnover of 3,6 million euros in 2012 and the mining company in Baia Mare, Romaltyn, a project which requires an initial investment of 20 million euros.


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