Liberty Technology Park Cluj has truly shaped itself as a dynamic community. Read more about what we’ve been up to these past few months and what we’re working on now.


The first electric charging unit in Cluj-Napoca

In July we inaugurated the first electric charging unit in Cluj-Napoca. The project, a partnership with Siemens Romania, implied setting up the new charghing unit, Sentron 5TT3201-1KK25, in Liberty’s parking lot and can charge an electric car in 2 hours. The charging unit is available for both residents and the general public.


Premiere Gala of “Jurnalist in Romania”

Friday, the 4th of September, we hosted the premiere Gala of “Jurnalist in Romania” in Liberty Event Venue. The event included a premiere of documentaries created by journalists from The Republic of Moldova and Ukraine in collaboration with their colleagues from TVR Cluj began at 19:00 and was followed by a cocktail party. Browse our gallery of the event photos here.


Architecture Conference&Expo
This year we’re also hosting Architecture Conference&Expo, which reunites over 400 professionals, engineers, constructors and designers at the most important architecture event in Transylvania. Reconversions, Heritage Preservation & Innovative Restorations” is this year’s theme. Participants will also have the opportunity to visit the Hall of Fame exhibition which will showcase local and international projects.


3rd of October: Liberty on Bike – second edition

Gentlemen’s Race is the main activity of Liberty on Bike – the second edition, co-organized with our friends from Tura de Noapte. It’s a tax and referee free event dedicated exclusively to road bikes which encourages team work. And cycling of course. Teams of 4, randomly picked, will compete in a 35 km race. For race layout and more information please use this link.


Newcomers in our tech park

These newly arrived companies occupy our 2nd phase: Makronetz, Luminos Software, Cremer, Nordstar Logistik, Voquz, Impact Hub și Regal Beloit.
Buildings D & E of our second phase offer 13 412 sq m destined for office harnessing. Momentarily they’re 40% occupied and by the end of the year they’ll be 80% booked.

The 3rd and last phase of our project implies building new office pavilions, totally customizable. The new buildings will be designed in conformity with our residents’ business growth needs and will meet their every requirement. The developments are scheduled to begin in 2016 on demand.


Spherik’s newest startup accelerator program

Our colleagues from Spherik recently opened applications for their next batch of start-ups.

They’ve prepared a great program, including local and international mentors, dedicated coaches that will work 1-1 with the teams through the program each week, workshops, networking events, and more. Deadline for applying is October 15. Check out their website to find out more about the newest Spherik accelerator program.

Spherik Accelerator, a platform meant to help, to grow and to create thriving businesses, a platform designed for developing and implementing business both locally and internationally is getting closer to the finish line with their current ongoing program. The accelerator offers the perfect habitat in which investors, mentors, specialists and young professionals passionate about technology and entrepreneurship are reunited.

Their first program is currently undergoing, helping 13 teams to launch their projects. „Fotocolaj” is one of the first projects already launched that benefit from Spherik’s help and the „Primul doctor” app was launched this March being the first startup developed and grown with the help of Spherik’s team. The other apps developed in Spherik’s Program are Tiny Shroomz”, „ChallengeXP”, „Apunto”, „AppRod”, „Phone Alias”, „Smart Store”, „Fingerdrum Master”, „Buy&Help”, „City365”, and „Dictamed”.


About the project

Liberty Technology Park Cluj is a tech park built in a revolutionary place designed to offer exceptional growth and quality environment for companies in the IT&C and R&D domains, all in one unique area both conceptually and architecturally. The following companies have chosen it as a destination for their offices: Siemens, Halcyon Mobile, Recall Information Services, Control Data Systems, Luminos Software KPMG, Ecuson Studio, Spherik Accelerator, Makronetz, La Casa, Tulemod, Liberty Fitness, Voquz, Cremer, Nordstar Logistik, Regal Beloit, Impact Hub and Omifa. The tech park that reimagines the former Libertatea furniture factory, is a Fribourg Capital initiative under the patronage of businessman Ion Sturza. The investment has passed 13 million euros so far.



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