Private Equity & Venture Capital

Investment Strategy

Phylosophy: Fribourg Capital is an investment firm with an industrialist vision. Our strategy is to seek long-term investments in real sectors of the economy that have the potential to generate positive cash flows. Each investment decision is subject to a strict and thorough operational and financial due diligence process. At Fribourg, investing in people extends beyond the boundaries of our firm. This component of our strategic investment philosophy implies the identification of strong management teams that can be of great value within a single project or within projects across the group.


Investment Criteria

Small to medium sized companies, established or start-ups (not limited to a specific industry or sector).

Strong and committed management team that share a common vision for the future.

Transparent, sustainable and ethical working practices are present and enforced.

Healthy operational and financial track record with a clear and realistic business plan for the future.

Ownership structure ensuring investors’ control over financial proceeds.

Clean balance sheet with reduced liabilities.

Realistic and reasonable entry valuation.

Potential for funds to add value to the company.



At Fribourg Capital, partnerships are a true success driver. Our strategy is to embark on explicit and implicit involvement in operational and advisory roles alongside our partners. Although all the surgical work is left to the discretion of specialists within the management teams, our professionals have added significant value through their expertise. Specifically, Fribourg Capital group companies benefit from support that includes co-design of growth strategies, identification and facilitation of inter-group synergies, implementing management incentive schemes and attracting debt or equity financing at various business stages. It is one of our goals to align our interests with those of all our investment partners by putting our capital behind their ideas.

Geographic focus

Considered an area of emerging markets, Eastern Europe and CIS presents plenty of opportunities as well as significant challenges. Our committed team of experts have been at their best in identifying leading projects that have generated consistent high returns over the holding period. With a powerful network of regional relationships and regional knowledge, Fribourg Capital is securely positioned within the context of sometimes volatile local markets.


Financial & Consulting Services


Fribourg Capital acts as a lender to small-cap businesses in the region, by being an
alternative to the banks. Although it is not our core business, our team is proficient in building and structuring financing schemes that offer competitive rates and flexible conditions. Our lending activity is based on thorough due-diligence, strict control and efficient credit risk mitigation. As with any other of our businesses, lending follows closely our core values and principles that advocate transparency & integrity.


Consulting & Advisory

At Fribourg we leverage our Private Equity skills in order to provide cutting edge advisory services. Our competitive advantage stems from the close relationships we forge with our partners. This allows our team to make full use of the available resources in order to solve complex and rapidly changing situations. Fribourg advisory services are split in the following core functions:

Business Efficiency: We focus on fundamental business operations such as risk management
(e.g. supplier, process risks), cost controlling, working capital management, supply chain optimisation, business integration and strategic cash generation;

Financial Management: Our team has expertise in finance reporting, cash management, finance strategy, finance optimization and other areas;

Transactions & Restructuring

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