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Fribourg Capital is a leading investment firm, operating in Eastern Europe and CIS. With deep roots in growth investing and private equity, the fund boasts a healthy track record, which is exemplified by projects that are considered industry leaders. At Fribourg Capital we take the notion of growth investing to a whole new level. It is our philosophy that investing in rising stars of high-growth sectors of the economy is only half of the story. It is also our duty to work along side and support the management team in building strategies that add long term value and prepare our investments for high-return exits.



At Fribourg Capital we believe that our strong culture is the main driver for the professional excellence and impeccable reputation that has been sustained throughout the years. It is our philosophy that an outstanding position in the market should be achieved only under the premises of ethical and sustainable work practices. Although we strive to maximise our returns under any market condition, our stake holders are always the number one priority. Fribourg Capital as an organisation builds its business by cultivating mutual trust and respect towards its partners, clients and local communities. We advocate a zero tolerance policy towards professional and ethical malpractice.

Culture is at the core of our business activities and our employees through their commitment to our key values are an reflection of that.


At Fribourg Capital, our people are our greatest asset.
The bedrock of our values and investment philosophies is set to cultivate determination and dedication towards generating long-term value and sustainable working practices. The existing investment philosophy is enforced by our professionals that have broad financial and operational experience in their area of expertise. This stems from deep industry knowledge and strong intellectual and professional rigour.

As an institution we are committed to investing into our employees’ future, through maximising individual potential and career prospects. To make sure that every step of their career is as rewarding as possible, a wide range of professional opportunities are available within the Fribourg group. Our team is dedicated to pursuing the highest standards of excellence.



One of our core values is transparency in all our activities and investments. We deem it crucial to ensure communication and cooperation with all potential stakeholders.
& Excellence
As an investment firm we strive to be associated with an entity that is at the forefront of sustainable and fundamentally sound working practices.
Our organisational culture reinforces this value through a zero toleration policy against any deviations from these best practices. Our aspirations of excellence are set by high standards, which we aim to achieve and exceed.
& Accountability
As individuals and as a firm, we believe that upholding our sound reputations is paramount. Fribourg Capital is constructed as an organization that readily accepts accountability for its actions or inactions. However, we first and foremost deliver on our commitments to all our stakeholders and our partners.
We are a firm committed to the entrepreneurial spirit that encourages its people to adopt new ideas and approaches in an organised manner. Furthermore, innovation is a key component we seek in all our investments.
We place great value in the relationships with our partners and stakeholders. Fribourg is deeply committed in building ties that are grounded in mutual trust, fairness and respect. This principle applies to our main asset as well. Our people in their quality of business drivers share the ethos of healthy collective relationships where everyone is part of a
single team that is unified through a set of unique opportunities, challenges and rewards.

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